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Developing Applications Incrementally Through Several Iterations

On a weekly basis small business owners share with us their ideas for automating portions of their business to maximize efficiencies or they have ideas for IT solutions that they would like for us to bring to life.  The common issue with their ideas and expectations is that they think big but they become very disappointed when they find out how much it really costs – even with outsourcing labor to other countries – to bring their ideas to life.   We educate them on considering incremental developing of their applications to ensure that they meet their goals and eventually get the solutions that they have been envisioning and at the same time spread the total development costs over a period of weeks or months.

However, this strategy should be considered carefully especially when it comes to client facing products.  In a recent blog post by Seth Godin argues that it doesn’t make sense from a marketing perspective to roll out a portion of products to customers as an early pilot.  The issue Seth argues is that the initial deployment is very important and a solution that doesn’t have all the functionality for that particular market segment could lead to viability issues down the road.  So first impressions count for customer facing products but you can still deploy the internal solutions incrementally so that you won’t exceed your budgets.

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