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Minimum Viable Product and Quality

I’m keeping this post a bit vague, in a future post I will provide more specific examples of solutions that implemented this concept.  Minimum Viable Product (MVP) for Information Technology (IT) solutions is the perfect way to get your vision quickly into some sort of reality.  A lot of people think extensively about their vision and conduct detailed planning but in the end they still have no tangible solution in hand.  Consider Facebook, eBay, Google, Apple, Microsoft, and many other companies who started with bare bone solutions and developed them into something useful.

The potential down side of a MVP is that it can be perceived by users as an incomplete or a difficult to use tool.  This is perceived because frankly you’ve put minimum investment into graphics, user experience, help documents, etc.  Your focus has been on creating a solution that addresses a particular need.  This is okay, because you’re focusing on getting that initial data with the goal of refining the tool through future iterations and releases.

MVP allows you to anchor your initial solution in the market and begin collecting data.  You can begin collective meaningful information from your customers about the usability of the tool and its effectiveness on solving a particular problem.  In parallel, you can use the information gathered to iterate on your MVP and ever improve it.  So keep collecting data, enhance your solution based on feedback, and get it back out to your users again to collect more data and so on.  To gauge your progress, you can develop metrics related to how effectively your solution addresses a particular problem and baseline those metrics on a regular basis.  You can then trend your baseline to see if you’re heading in the right direction.